Energy transition ~ take ocasion
Between now and 2030, it is expected that, according to the sustainable development criteria of the IPCC experts (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and the International Energy Agency?s annual report, the energy mix will see a 30% consumption of oil as the primary energy source, compared with 34% in 2007. As for natural gas, this will supply 20.5% compared with 20.9% today. Coal will contribute up to 16.6% of the total compared with its current 26.5%. Nuclear energy will provide 9.5% compared with 5.9% now, and renewable energy will increase to 23.4% compared to the current 12.7%. Innovation in the field of sustainable technology and research into new resource deposits are at the heart of this transformation. The key for specialized industrial groups is to be able to manage the continuity of the energy mix at a competitive price while still maintaining a balance.
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