Energy transition ~ take ocasion

The energy mix everyone is talking about! Indeed, although fossil fuels represent a major part of global consumption, countries and regions are tending towards diversifying their energy production methods. The secret? Producing efficient and harmonious energy from a combination of several resources available to them.

  • Scientific research and technology development in areas
    • energy Power and distribution ? very important for FRMOL infrastructure
    • Management of energy saving and charging
    • Energy using by demand side management ? companies, privat, transport and other industries ? FRMOL is penetrating all
  • Economic and society changes in the world ? implication to EU priorities managed by German best practices
    • Environmental policy and energy industry ? new life styles by new technologies, push CO2 down
    • Cooperation, stability and certainty must ? together we save money and time
  • Education for new situation ? technical branches are coming to the fore, we need them more
  • Regional ?Autarkie? is philosophy for all - how to do it ? ET Strategy is answer, FRMOL inclusive
  • Export of EE know-how, technologies and all embracing projects abroad - that?s Why German Priorities ?.
  • Public amenities projects ? school, preschool, sports or culture unit, senior house, hospital or policlinic, minucipal and city establishments, etc.
    • Resources ? optimal mix:
      • CHP
      • Energy of sun
      • Energy of wind
      • Heat pump
    • Local distribution system ? infrastructure
    • Government subvention
    • Energy acumulation
    • E-mobilita, car sharing

1.1 Energy mix: reconciling resources to better preserve them Natural gas, coal, nuclear, renewable energy? There is a vast range of energy forms available. The energy mix is meant to be a virtuous and high-performance combination that uses riches wisely:

  • energy from renewable sources (hydropower, biomass, wind power, solar power),
  • conventional thermal energy (natural gas, fuel oil, coal), which still make up 80% of current global consumption,
  • nuclear energy.

1.2 An energy transition to choose from Nowadays, each country aims to diversify its energy mix with a mind to creating a balance and control over energy, while at the same time protecting the environment. The challenge for each region around the world is really threefold:

  • mining oil and gas while preserving the environment,
  • developing low-cost renewable energy,
  • guaranteeing nuclear safety.

Each region must therefore combine the energy sources they have in different proportions depending on the availability of local resources, their energy needs and their environmental, social, economic and geopolitical situation.

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