Energy transition ~ take ocasion

Energy Services designs and implements energy efficient and environmental solutions through multi-technological services. Whether in the engineering, facilities or energy services field - Services has an active presence in central European countries.

Global optimisation of energy solutions

Energy and environmental efficiency are at the core of our company Energy Services. The guiding concept is to enable customers to streamline their energy consumption whilst offering them a comparable or superior quality of service.

The Energy Services activities has a broad spectrum of business activities through which it is able to offer its clients a global expertise:

  • Engineering: consulting, feasibility studies, engineering, project management and client support,
  • Systems, installations and maintenance: electrical installations, industrial maintenance, air conditioning and refrigeration, and systems integration
  • Services: energy efficiency solutions, multi-technology maintenance management, cogeneration and facilities management
  • Networks: urban heating and cooling community systems, development of high-end technology solutions, a streamlined energy mix.

Engineering and Advising, deliverable activities

  • project work: providing project documentation from base BrE planning permissionto realisation of project fo r key
  • Engineering for power industry and energetic, building and industry
  • Project manangement, management of building , advising included
  • Delivery of machines, technologies and materials from the top worldwide companies
  • Delivery and mounting of transformers ? concrete types
  • Setup of technologies, education for operators
  • Revision/inspection, service, maintenance

Electrical cable placement, connecting included, grid reconstruction.

  • cabeles armatur 110 kV - from the top worldwide companies
  • Revision/inspection, service on cables 110 kV
  • Electroinstalation at Industry and buildings
  • Setup of technologies, education for operators
  • Revision/inspection, service, maintenance
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